Computer Forensics Kenya

Computer Forensics Kenya

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is a leading provider of computer forensic services in Kenya. We offer a wide range of services including data recovery, mobile phone forensics, digital forensics, cyber security, and more. Our team of highly skilled professionals has years of experience working on cases involving everything from corporate espionage to cyber attacks.
Looking for professional computer forensics in Kenya? Our team of experts specializes in digital investigations, data recovery, and analysis of electronic devices for legal and corporate clients.

We are an IT company providing computer forensic services in Kenya. We provide computer forensic services such as data recovery, hard drive analysis, digital investigation, mobile device examination, email content extraction, network analysis, etc.

Our mission is to help clients protect & acquire digital evidence from their business and personal computer devices through the use of advanced technology.

Computer Forensics Services we offer

  1. Computer Forensic Analysis
  2. Forensics Data Recovery
  3. Incident Response
  4. Mobile Device Forensics
  5. Network Security Audits
  6. Digital Forensics
  7. Cyber Investigations
  8. Forensics investigations

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A forensic examination is performed on a computer or other electronic device to determine if there is evidence of criminal activity. Work with East Africa Hi Tech Solutions, which is among the top computer forensics companies in kenya to conduct a computer device forensics investigation!
Computer device forensics is an important part of many investigations. It helps investigators understand what happened in order to solve crimes.
We also work closely with leading technology vendors to help;
  1. Secure your data
  2. Protect your privacy
  3. Detect threats before they happen
  4.  Save money
  5. Acquire evidence

Looking for reliable computer forensics in Kenya? Look no further than our expert team of forensic specialists. We offer comprehensive digital investigation services for businesses, individuals, and law enforcement agencies. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you uncover the truth. Trust us for all your computer forensics needs in Kenya

Why Us? Computer Forensics Companies in Kenya

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is among the Top Computer Forensics Firms in Kenya. We provide a full suite of digital forensic services to our clients. These services include data recovery, mobile phone forensic analysis, computer forensics, and much more. We use state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure that we recover any type of data that was ever stored on a hard drive, computer, laptop, cf card, flash drive, memory card, USB stick, etc.

What Is Forensic Examination?

A forensic examination is a process used by digital forensics experts in kenya to collect data from computers, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This includes collecting information such as emails, text messages, photos, documents, and more.

Types of Devices Used In Computer Device Forensics Investigations

There are two main types of devices used in computer device forensics investigations: portable devices and stationary devices. Portable devices are those that can be carried with you, while stationary devices are those that cannot be easily moved.

Tools Used To Conduct Computer Device Forensics Investigation

Forensic tools are used to collect data from a computer or other electronic devices. These tools allow investigators to search through files, emails, documents, and more. They also help them identify any deleted items or hidden files.

Steps For Conducting Computer Device Forensics Investigation

There are several steps involved in conducting a computer device forensics analysis. First, an investigator must obtain access to the computer or electronic device under investigation. This usually involves obtaining a warrant or subpoena. Next, the investigator will need to perform a thorough review of the computer or electronic device. This includes searching for files, email messages, and other relevant information. Finally, the investigator will analyze the collected data using forensic software.

Conclusion Of Computer Device Forensics Investigation And Reporting Results.

Once the computer forensics investigator in kenya has completed his or her work, he or she will report the results of the investigation to law enforcement officials or to a court of law.

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