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Vulnerability Assessment Services Kenya

Looking for VAPT Services? Find the Best Vulnerability Assessment Services Kenya, we provide these services to both small and large companies since cyber attacks can happen to any organization. However, with the rise of ransomware, cyber attacks have become more targeted. This is because hackers know big companies will pay big money to decrypt critical data such as database, quickbooks etc.

At East Africa Hi Tech Solutions, we provide Vulnerability Assessment services to clients in Kenya and East African Region. You may rest assured that we take your online safety very seriously. Your organization’s Vulnerability Assessment will be tailored to your needs.


What Exactly is Vulnerabilities Assessment?

A continuous process of identifying, classifying, and mitigating cyber-threats to the IT infrastructure

It is a systematic assessment of a data system’s security problems. It analyzes whether the system is affected by any security flaws, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends maintenance or remediation as needed.

Examples of risks that vulnerability assessments can help prevent:

  1. SQL injection, XSS, and other code injection attacks
  2. Increased location tracking as a result of insufficient authentication methods.

For example, software that ships with passwords that are easily guessable are insecure by default.

Types of Services

A vulnerability assessment can take several different formats. Among them are:

1.   Host Assessment

A cyber-attack on a critical server that has not been adequately tested or that has not been developed from a tested machine image may result in its vulnerability.

2.   Network and Wi-Fi assessments

Network and Wi-Fi regulations and practices are being evaluated to prevent unauthorized access to private and public networks and VPN services.

3.   Database Assessment

The sensitive data stored within an organization’s infrastructure is defined based on its sensitivity to attacks and configuration issues, and rogue databases or unsafe development and testing environments are identified and classified.

4.   Application Scan

Automated or static/dynamic analysis of online applications and their source code is used to uncover security vulnerabilities in web applications.

Security scanning process – Vulnerability assessment services Kenya 

In the process of doing a Vulnerability Assessment (also known as Vulnerability Scanning), our team searches for and evaluates weaknesses in your information technology infrastructure. While they will not exploit and get access to targeted assets, as would be the case in a penetration test, we will remove any false positives discovered throughout our vulnerability scanning process.

Without replicating any actual hacker attack, the purpose of Vulnerability Assessment is to swiftly detect potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure to understand your current security posture.

Vulnerability Assessment Entails;

1.   Identification of potential vulnerabilities

The goal of this stage is to create a broad list of all of the vulnerabilities that exist in an application. Security analysts examine the security status of apps, servers, and other systems by using automated approaches or manual testing and assessing the systems under consideration as needed.

To detect security issues in software programs, professionals, for example, employ vulnerability databases, vendor security notifications, corporate financial systems, and cyber threat feeds, among other methods.

2.   Vulnerability analysis

The purpose of this stage is to determine the cause and root cause of the vulnerabilities revealed in phase one.

It helps identify the system components responsible for each vulnerability as well as the root cause. An old open-source library may cause a problem. This clearly states the corrective step – upgrading the library.

3.   Risk Evaluation

This step prioritizes the security flaws. Experts assign a severity ranking to a vulnerability based on factors such as:

  • Which systems are vulnerable;
  • How widespread is the problem?
  • How severe is the problem?
  • What kind of data is at risk?
  • How will business functions be disrupted?
  • The ease with which an attack or compromise can be carried out.
  • Level of intensity of cyber-attack.

There is a risk of violence as a result of vulnerability.

4.   Remediation

This procedure aims to close security holes. Every vulnerability’s remedy or mitigation is determined through a collaborative effort between security staff, development, and operations teams.

For example, you might implement new security procedures, methods, or instruments.

  • Attaining changes in operations and settings
  • Implementation of a patch to fix a vulnerability

Assessing vulnerability is not something that can be done once. For companies, this process must be operationalized and repeated regularly. DevSecOps is a process that fosters collaboration between security, operations, and development teams.

Tools for assessing vulnerability

To find new and existing vulnerabilities in your application, tools are designed to search for threats that could affect your application automatically.

Here are examples of vulnerability assessment tools:

  1. Detection and simulation of known attack patterns in web applications.
  2. Network services and protocol scanners scan for insecure protocols on the internet.
  3. Tools for visualizing networks and finding warning signs such as stray IP addresses, fake packet generation, and unusual traffic generated from a single IP address are called network scanners.
  4. Regular performance, automated scans of all-important IT systems as a best practice. As a result of these scans, a vulnerability assessment procedure should be implemented within the organization.

Hire a service provider in Kenya and get accurate outcomes.

One of Kenya’s most important aspects of vulnerability assessment service is maintaining developer engagement by providing accurate results. We are employing a two-pronged strategy.

Our vulnerability scans will provide you with an accurate picture of your overall security posture in a short period. All vulnerabilities discovered by our vulnerability scans are then thoroughly verified to ensure they are authentic.

Vulnerability assessment services Kenya helps to application vulnerability protection in several practices:

  • As a gateway for all incoming traffic, it can prevent SQL injections and XSS attacks. This stops cybercriminals from data access.
  • It can do virtual patching, which is the automated patch installation for a newly discovered network flaw, allowing service providers and IT teams to update their applications safely.
  • Our security expert weighs in on recent events. They are contextualizing attacks and spotting broad threats.
  • We integrate with all significant Security platforms to help you understand your threats and plan for future attacks.

What is the cost of a vulnerability assessment service?

In addition to the infrastructure being scanned, such as an internal network or online application, other elements influence the cost of a vulnerability scan. Depending on the amount of IPs, servers, or programs checked. Reach out to East Africa Hi Tech Solutions for a formal quote.

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