Formatted & Deleted Data

Data Recovery From Formatted Hard Disk

Formatted or deleted data? We offer data recovery services from formatted hard drives, flash drives, sd cards etc. Storage device that have been formatted can still be recovered. Data can be formatted from Hard Drives both internal and external through the disk management or it can also be formatted through a system upgrade or restoration.

When data is formatted, it’s temporarily stored and in such cases it can be recovered in a working state. However, data that is overwritten cannot be recovered/repaired. This happens when a user formats his data but continues coping new data into the formatted device. When this happens, the new data overwrites the old data making it unrecoverable or unreadable/corrupt.

Data Recovery Services Recycle Bin

When you delete data it first goes to the recycle bin, when you empty the recycle bin, the reference of the files are removed making the files not visible in the computer. This means that any new files copied may take over the reference of the deleted data and hence overwrite it.

When you format or delete data, it’s always recommended that you consult data recovery experts in kenya and avoid using the formatted device or copying new data on it. Call us Today and Get a data recovery quote.

formatted and deleted data recovery

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