Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from a damaged or inaccessible computer or device. Data recovery can be done in several ways, including: Hard drive failure Hard drive failure is the most common type of data loss. Hard drive failure can happen for a number of reasons, including power failure, overheating, and physical damage. Hard drive failure can also be caused by software issues, such as a virus infection. Hard drive failure is often accompanied by a lot of data loss, so it’s important to get your data back as soon as possible.

  • What causes loss of data?

Data loss is a problem that affects everyone from small businesses to large corporations. The most common cause of data loss is human error. However, there are also a number of other factors that can contribute to data loss. Here are some of the most common causes of data loss: Incorrect storage and management practices, Incorrect or outdated data storage and management practices, Incorrect or outdated backup and recovery strategies ,Incorrect or outdated data recovery processes, outdated security measures, Lack of proper training and support, Poor operational practices such as poor system design, poor system implementation, poor system implementation, poor system etc

  • What should I do when my hard drive fails?

If you suspect data loss, it would be important that you consult a data recovery professional to avoid permanent data loss. Things not to do; don’t continue using the device, do not copy any new data, do not attempt to recover on your own, do not connect a disk that is making strange noise. If you have any doubts about the condition of your hard drive, you should get it checked out by an expert. If you do not know where to look or what to do, contact data recovery firms in kenya for help.

  • How is data recovered?

Data Recovery process will depend with the kind of damage ie Physical Damage: failed read/write heads, disk not vibrating, strange noise, clicking sound etc. Logical Damage: format issue, deletion issue, failed firmware, partition damage etc. A Data Recovery Expert will be able to tell after doing some diagnosis.

Data recovery cost will depend with the level of damage and in some cases the size of the disk ie 1TB etc. By doing a proper diagnosis on the device, a data recovery engineer should be able to tell how much it will cost and how long it will take. Most data recovery companies will charge between Kenya Shillings 15,000 to 100,000 and in some complex cases higher than that.

  • In what situations is it not possible to recover my data?

Data recovery is not 100% guaranteed. There are situations in which data recovery is impossible ie data overwriting, Surface areas scratches on the surface of the hard drive where data is stored, wiping data numerous times, previous recovery attempt. Before doing data recovery on your own, firm consult a professional data recovery company, the next steps can determine whether you get your data back or not.

  • How long does data recovery process take?

The diagnosis process takes 8 hours to 48 hours for Standard Diagnosis and 4 hours to 6 hours for Emergency Diagnosis. Actual data recovery timelines will be determined after diagnosis but it typically ranges between 1 day to 4 days for normal case and 7 days to 14 days for complex cases ie Physical head damage.

  • Will i be contacted before data recovery starts?

Once diagnosis is done, a report and quote will be shared with you on email. Once you approve and give the go ahead, the process commences. If the quote is disapproved, you simply take the device back.

  • In what format will my data be?

In most case, the data will be recovered as it was before it got lost. Data recovery process doesn’t affect the data inside. However, in some cases only Raw data can be recovered. In this kind of situation, the data is recovered as per the file extensions and not the original folder names ie .doc, .mp3 etc

  • How will i get my recovered data?

The client is required to provide another storage for copying the recovered data ie Hard disk, Flash Disk, SD Card etc as long as it has enough space to save the recovered data. It’s not recommended to copy the recovered data back onto the failed/original one.

  • How do you ensure my data is safe and confidential?

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions, treats client’s data with alot of care and confidentiality. Our storages are secure and encrypted to safeguard your data. Our engineers are professional and well trained on matters data privacy and protection. We also allow signing of NDA to make it legally binding before any work is done. After clients collects their data, we do securely wipe/shred it from our storages.

  • Can one prevent data loss?

Yes, one can prevent data loss. It can be prevented by backing up your files online. With the advancement of cloud backup, there are many solutions that will easily allow online data storage. You can also update and maintain your computer systems more often.

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