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Digital Forensics Kenya

Digital Forensics Kenya: East Africa Hi Tech Solutions, is among the top digital forensics companies in Kenya. We are a team of highly skilled digital forensics professionals in Kenya who provide forensic services to corporates, government and private clients throughout Kenya. We offer a wide range of services including computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, data recovery, cyber security audits, incident response and investigations. Proven, tested and among the top cyber forensics companies in Kenya.

With our professional digital forensics services in Kenya, you can rest assured that your investigations are in good hands. If your company needs access to critical evidence held in digital format, our team of digital forensics professionals will assist you in recovering it promptly and efficiently.

Professional Digital Forensics Kenya

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service possible to our customers through our commitment to integrity, professionalism and excellence. Our digital forensics services include:

  1. Computer Forensic Services
  2. Incident Response
  3. Mobile Phone Forensics Services
  4. Expert Witness Testimony
  5. Forensic Data Recovery
  6. Secure Data Erasure
  7. Cyber Security Audits
  8. CCTV Video Forensics
  9. Social Media Forensics
  10. Email Forensics

digital forensics services in kenya

Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s getting worse. According to the PWC 2020 survey, cybercrime was implicated in 34% of all fraud occurrences. However, it is only 1 percent behind customer fraud in terms of growth during the past years. As a result, many organizations at risk of cybercrime are ill-equipped to deal with it, exposing them and their customers.

Incase you your company needs digital forensics services, Contact East Africa Hi  Tech Solutions Today we are among the top digital forensics companies in Kenya and ready to help.

Digital Forensic Services – It’s purpose

Investigations in both criminal and civil cases make use of digital forensics services.

When it comes to criminal law, data are collected to prove or disprove a claim. In addition to gathering intelligence, evidence can be used to detect, identify, or prevent future cybercrimes. For this, data collecting may be less rigorous than traditional forensics.

To help with electronic discovery in civil proceedings, digital forensics. Unauthorized network penetration is a common example. A forensic examiner will endeavor to determine the attack’s scope and identify the criminal.

Due to the local rules requiring persons to provide encryption keys, the forensic investigation becomes more difficult.

Who needs Computer Forensic Services?

Digital forensics services are most frequently employed in a court of law to uncover and analyze electronic data. However, the procedure can also be applied in other situations.

The Service is utilized by those who require systematic research to collect, identify and validate digital information to reconstitute previous occurrences while conserving that evidence in its most original form.

Data forensic

Data forensics is the study of digital forensics and the examination of data. Financial crimes are identified through analyzing structured data. – Digital Forensics Kenya.

Digital forensics on;

  1. Laptops
  2. Mobile Phones
  3. Tablets
  4. Servers
  5. Emails
  6. Networks
  7. Desktops
  8. SSDs etc

Digital Forensics Companies in Kenya

There has been Growing companies need consultants with specific solutions, because of this, digital forensic firms in Kenya have developed solutions for complex problems. Our professionals combine expertise in a wide range of businesses with years of experience.

Furthermore, our centralized procurement forensic investigations and litigation teams are skilled at uncovering and providing economic evidence, investigating and discouraging fraudulent conduct, and assisting organizations involved in ongoing litigation, alternative dispute resolution, or investigations.

If you have cybersecurity or digital forensics threats, what can you do with them? A closer look at professional’s digital forensics service Kenya that takes this path is provided below.

With years of experience in criminal, civil, corporate, private, and legal aid cases, we have assisted in the successful provision of evidence in defense and prosecution cases.

What Kinds of Data Can Be Collected?

Sometimes, sources of extremely valuable data are overlooked.

Help defense attorneys avoid unwanted fishing expeditions and invalidate claims, including;

  1. Open innovation
  2. Document management systems
  3. Source code repositories

These systems may investigate the lifetime of a document as well as error management. It can use Tags, captions, annotations, and comments to determine the purpose of a document, who created or viewed and sent it.

A qualified and perceptive specialist can also gain a new perspective on the existing facts. Whether you are creating or seeking a database, you need the help of a team of specialists from Digital Forensics Services Kenya.

Database forensics is utilized in property rights or patent infringement, financial fraud, and even attacks such as security breaches or virus outbreaks.

A forensic database expert can frequently locate critical evidence in a database’s structure. And suppose a database forensic investigation leads to computers, digital devices such as iPhones, tabs, pads, or cloud computing systems. In that case, we can maintain our search for data without skipping a step.

Digital Forensics specialized services in the following areas:

1.   Consultative services for dispute resolution

Experts have civil and criminal experience.

2.   Protecting your business

This includes business interruption and subrogated claims, as well as product recall and fraudulent claims.

3.   Fraud prevention methods

We can assist you when it comes to anti-corruption training, money laundering investigations, asset tracking, criminal defense, and open-source business intelligence investigations.

4.   Cyber-forensics as part of legal technology solutions

The professional team specializes in computer forensics, data gathering and analysis,  and data analytics. Contact us today to learn more about digital forensics services in Kenya. Expert Computer Forensics Kenya & Best computer forensics companies in kenya

Branches of Digital Forensics Kenya

Digital forensics has many different branches.

Computer and digital forensics are no longer linked. Other digital devices, such as iPad, iPhones, flash drives, mobile devices and even cloud computing, are becoming more and more popular.

Generally speaking, digital forensics can be broken down into five main branches:

  1. Information technology forensics (ITFS)
  2. forensics for mobile devices
  3. Investigations into network security
  4. Analysis of forensic data
  5. Database forensics

The demand for digital forensic and investigation services has increased. This includes the following:

  1. Privacy-related concerns require multidisciplinary teams.
  2. The importance of data analytics in detecting and preventing fraud
  3. Asset tracing is making a comeback.
  4. IT’s growing importance as a tool in the investigator’s toolbox
  5. The use of digital discovery systems is growing.

Computer Security and Forensics in Kenya

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of computer security and forensics cannot be overstated. In Kenya, the rapid expansion of the internet and mobile devices has opened up new opportunities for cybercrime, making it more important than ever for individuals and organizations to protect themselves against digital threats. At its core, computer security is about protecting digital assets from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. This includes everything from personal data and financial information to intellectual property and trade secrets. In Kenya, many organizations face unique challenges when it comes to computer security, such as limited resources, weak legal frameworks, and a shortage of skilled professionals.

One of the most effective ways to improve computer security in Kenya is through computer forensics. Forensic analysis involves collecting and analyzing digital evidence to reconstruct past events and identify potential threats. By leveraging forensic tools and techniques, organizations can not only detect and investigate cybercrimes but also prevent them from happening in the first place. Computer forensics is particularly important in Kenya, where cybercrime is on the rise. With the increasing use of mobile devices and the internet, cybercriminals have more opportunities to launch attacks and steal sensitive information. From phishing scams and malware to identity theft and ransomware, there are countless ways that cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks.

Computer Forensics in Kenya

To combat these threats, organizations need to take a proactive approach to computer security and forensics. This means implementing robust security measures, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems, and regularly updating them to stay ahead of new threats. It also means investing in the skills and tools needed to conduct effective forensic analysis and investigation. In Kenya, there are a number of organizations such as East Africa Hi Tech Solutions working to improve computer security and forensics. Overall, computer security and forensics are critical components of digital security in Kenya. By taking a proactive approach to protecting digital assets and investing in the skills and tools needed to conduct forensic analysis and investigation, organizations can help ensure a safer and more secure digital future for all Kenyans

Types of digital forensics in Kenya

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is the leading provider of digital forensics services in Kenya, dedicated to assisting individuals, businesses, advocates and law enforcement agencies in investigating and solving digital crimes. Our team of skilled experts combines cutting-edge technology with advanced techniques to uncover valuable evidence from digital devices. Whether you require assistance with cybercrime investigations, data recovery, or expert witness testimony, we are here to help. Explore our wide range of digital forensics services below:

  1. Cybercrime Investigations: Our experienced team specializes in investigating various forms of cybercrimes, including hacking, data breaches, online fraud, identity theft, and cyberstalking. We utilize advanced forensic tools and techniques to trace digital footprints, identify perpetrators, and gather evidence for legal proceedings.
  2. Mobile Device Forensics: With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices have become a significant source of digital evidence. Our experts are proficient in extracting and analyzing data from mobile devices, including call logs, text messages, emails, social media activity, GPS information, and app data.
  3. Computer Forensics: Computer forensics involves the collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence from computers and computer networks. Our specialists employ sophisticated tools to recover deleted files, examine internet browsing history, investigate email communication, and detect hidden data.
  4. Network Forensics: In cases involving network breaches, unauthorized access, or suspicious activities, our network forensics experts can investigate the network infrastructure, analyze logs and traffic data, and identify potential security breaches. This helps in determining the extent of the intrusion and mitigating future risks.
  5. Data Recovery: Accidental file deletion, hardware failure, or malicious attacks can lead to data loss. Our data recovery services employ advanced techniques to retrieve lost or deleted data from storage media such as hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), flash drives, and memory cards. We can assist with both physical and logical data recovery.
  6. Forensic Data Analysis: Our skilled analysts possess the expertise to sift through large volumes of digital data, such as emails, documents, images, and databases, to uncover patterns, anomalies, and correlations. By employing data analysis techniques, we can provide valuable insights and support investigations.
  7. Expert Witness Testimony: Our certified digital forensics experts are available to provide expert witness testimony in legal proceedings. They can explain complex technical concepts, present findings, and help the court understand the significance of digital evidence.

We prioritize client confidentiality, accuracy, and professionalism. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of digital evidence, and our processes adhere to international forensic standards. If you require any digital forensics assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Digital Forensics Services in Kenya FAQs

What digital forensics services in Kenya do you offer?

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions offers a full range of digital forensics services including data acquisition, computer forensics, mobile device forensics, email/database forensics, and expert witness/litigation support.

What types of cases require digital forensics Kenya?

Common cases requiring digital forensics Kenya include cybercrime, corporate fraud and theft of data, matrimonial disputes involving digital evidence, employee misconduct cases, and any crime where digital devices may hold relevant evidence.

Why is digital forensics important?

A large amount of evidence relating to criminal activities exists in digital form ie phones, laptops etc. Digital forensics allows digital forensics investigators to recover and examine this evidence accurately to support prosecution of cyber crimes such as fraud, hacking, theft of intellectual property etc

Do you have a digital forensics lab facility?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab in Kenya with specialized forensic workstations, write-blockers, forensic duplicators, data recovery and advanced forensics software to extract and analyze data.

Do you follow standard digital forensics operating procedures?

Absolutely. Our digital forensics processes adhere to standard evidence handling procedures to maintain chain of custody and admissibility in court. Our lab follows best practices for digital evidence acquisition and analysis.

Do you offer expert witness services to testify in legal proceedings?

Yes, our experienced digital forensics analysts have experience serving as expert witnesses and can provide testimony, reports and presentations to fact-finders to support prosecution or defense.

What laws govern digital forensics in Kenya?

The key laws are the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act (2018) which covers aspects like unauthorized access to computer systems and data, and the Evidence Act which deals with admissibility of electronic evidence.

How do you collect & preserve digital evidence

Great care is taken to preserve digital evidence in its original state through proper handling, chain of custody documentation and use of write-blockers and forensic imaging tools to create bit-for-bit copies of data without modifying the original evidence.

What is the difference between data recovery and digital forensics?

Data recovery involves the extraction of files from an inaccessible/failed storage device while digital forensics involves the extraction, analysis and preservation of data that can be used in a court of law.

How much does digital forensics investigation Kenya cost?

This depends on the type and number of workstations. The cost can only be determined after information gathering and scope of work establishment.

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